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How to buy authentic iQOS with best price in Hanoi?

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Heat Not Burn (HNB) tobacco product is developed for community health. Those products can make people stop using traditional cigarettes. By heating tobacco to a lower temperature, HNB devices can generate a flavorful smoke containing nicotine. And since the tobacco does not burn, the levels of harmful chemicals are significantly reduced compared to cigarette smoke.

The product has lost more than 90% of the toxic substance compared to conventional cigarettes.


IQOS and HNB products have been sold officially at many stores in the world. IQOS has been officially opened stores in several big cities such as Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, UK ….

However, Vietnam doesn’t have any official distributors or IQOS stores. You can buy IQOS from hand product resource or secondhand one in Hanoi, but it is not only too difficult to control the products’ origin and quality but also hard to be warranted officially. You need to consider carefully when buying at other shops, avoid buying expensive, poor quality or fake IQOS …

In Thanh Lam HNB (18/45 Ho Ba Mau, Phuong Lien, Dong Da, Hanoi), iQOS devices are distributed officially and have 3 months warranty from the manufacturer. Your products are of clear origin (mainly from Japan – some from Europe and Russia).

For further information, please call the hotline 0969017992 – you will not be disappointed with our quality!

In addition, the service is the thing that makes the difference in Thanh Lam HNB. Defective IQOS devices will be repaired by professional staffs. Moreover, our after-sales services and warranties will make you completely satisfied.

Some of our best seller products: (click for more information)

IQOS 2.4 plus black and white (Japanese or Russian version at 2 different prices)
iQOS 2.4 Plus Limited Blue (Japanese or Russian Version)
iQOS 2.4 Plus Red new
iQOS 2.4 Plus Motor F1 Limited Version
iQOS 2.4 Plus Ruby limited Version

iQOS 2.4 Plus Camo Limited
LIL Plus from Korea

Thanh Lam HNB’s warranty policies:

1. 1 month warranty for repaired defective products, 3 months for new products
2. Notify the defects and quote the price in 24 hours after receiving the defective products.
3. Return the product after 48 hours of receipt.
All the new products in warranty period are not accepted to be repaired but exchange for new one.

When buying IQOS in Hanoi, you should pay attention that:

  1. Check bar code on packaging: You can use iCHECK software to check the product information on the bar code on the package.
  2. Quality standards do not depend on the place of production. iQOS standard depends on the mainstream distribution market. For example, products sold in Japan must meet Japanese standards no matter where it is produced.
  3. Check the equipment when used. Especially the reed part and the complete accessories. Avoid old items that have been exchanged at the time of sale. An important tip to know if a product is new or not is to smell the back of the machine, if the smell of cigarettes used, ie IQOS has been used before

For further information, please call the hotline 0969017992 – you will not be disappointed with our quality!



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